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My biography

A short resume

My name is Heribert. I was born in 1958 and grew up in a small village nearby the former capital city of Germany - Bonn. I graduated my studies at the university of Bonn with a degree in Economy.

I neither have understood life as a linear process of incidences nor an accumulation of accidents. It's more a series of incidences and decisions. Future may be not predictable but is influenceable. And unpredictable incidences have to be managed if one is willing to enjoy life.

So I did many useful work to earn money and sometimes I had enough spare time to undertake those useless things, I always wanted to do.

I have gained very profound work experience in personnel management, knowledge management and project management. After 16 years on the job I founded my own business. Please have a look at the contact site where you'll find a link, leading to my professional website.

And over all these years I got married, watched my son growing up, got divorced, fell in love again, saw passing away my beloved older relatives, accompanied the foundation of new families and new lives and hopes. 

Photo gallery

Snail Shells  People 
Abandoned Snail Shells         People

Animals  Thailand
Animals                                    Thailand

Landscape  Architecture
Landscapes                            Architecture

Sunrise and sundown  HDR and Stacked
Sunrise And Sundown            HDR- And Stacked Photos


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Audio and video                     Vintage audio

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