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Equipment and software

My technical equipment

I bought my first SLR-camera during my studies, paid for with money I'd earned in jobs during  semester breaks. It was a PENTAX Program A and I have never sold this camera. Until now I have remained with this brand. In 2008 I bought my first digital SLR, a K20D followed by a K-S1 in 2014. Now I'm using my very old, but excellent lenses on an innovative ultra-modern camera body.

During the first year with a DSLR camera I always have  shooted in JPEG-format. Then I tried to take my photos in RAW-format. I was surprised how much more you can get out of this format compared to JPEGs. Now this is my usual camera setup.

Retouching an image

I have to admit that I'm fascinated by the wide variety of digital post processing effects. But most of my photos I have left untouched. Some have been gently retouched. But I never used hard effects like changing colors or photo-mounting (Except B&W photography of course.). The remaining results should still reflect the real situation and reality.

Next project

My next project: Learning how to shoot HDR-pictures. The resulting range of dynamic is  unbelievable. But this is quite tricky and sometimes almost unpossible. Particularly when objects are moving such as leafs in the wind or people walking.  

Photo gallery

Snail Shells  People 
Abandoned Snail Shells         People

Animals  Thailand
Animals                                    Thailand

Landscape  Architecture
Landscapes                            Architecture

Sunrise and sundown  HDR and Stacked
Sunrise And Sundown            HDR- And Stacked Photos


DIY - projects

Audio and video DIY  Vintage audio DIY 
Audio and video                     Vintage audio

Car DIY  Miscellaneous 
Car and bike                          Miscellaneous